For Small Kitchen, An Open Or Closed Setting Is The Better One?

In a room with limited space, it would feel more challenging as you cannot just put everything in your mind into the room. With limited space, you would want to think exactly how much space you would have after each of the furniture comes inside the room. And not only that, you would also need to see the shape of the room whether the furniture would complement the shape or not. And those are only two things you need to think. And it can be even more challenging when it happens to your kitchen. You would need to think about so many things at once. This time, we’ll discuss one thing that can help you deal with the limited space.

First thing you might want to consider is how your kitchen takes place. Will you have open or closed kitchen? One of the best solutions to this limited space is an open setting. Thus, you can join the kitchen with your living or dining area. There might be some pros and cons in creating an open space. Below are some you might want to consider.

As kitchen is an area where the cooking process takes place, it can be really hot at times and having an open space would deliver the heat to another part of the room. This would make your space feels hot and, if you love Indian or Middle East foods, smell strongly long after you finish the cooking. So, closed kitchen might look better. However, while having closed kitchen can be comfortable as there would be no smell leak too much to the other room when you cook, having an open kitchen is not all bad. With better air circulation, you would not get too hot in the kitchen. Of course, you will want to make sure that you have large windows or doors to help the heat out.

Furthermore, if you love to cook with serious manner, you might love closed kitchen better as you can concentrate on your cooking and it can be a time out place for the introverted person inside of you who sometimes feel tired with certain amount of social interaction. However, if you love being open and love to chit chat with your family and friends, an open kitchen can be a perfect decision. If you have social gathering, you can gather everyone in the joined room and make them feel comfortable to talk to each other, without partition. To make it even better, you can put an island as some kind of partition between the kitchen area and the dining or living area. With island, you would be able to have conversation easier and the cooking process would be visible it is more fun. And what is more is that you can decorate the island separately. These two strong reasons should be able to help you decide what to do with your small spaced kitchen. However it would look like, first thing first is to look after what you really need and want from the cooking space.

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