Some Things You Need To Remind Yourself While Decorating For Little Ones

Bedroom is each person’s private place. Besides a place to slumber, a bedroom is also a place where you think you have all controlled. It is your territory. And each human has this basic instinct that start from toddler we have gained this feeling of possessiveness. That’s why, it is never too early to introduce children’s bedroom. It will teach them that possession comes along with responsibility too.

To introduce children to their territory, you might also need to step into their young mind as each person will have different ideas on being comfortable and each kid has their own hobby and favorite thing to peruse. This will help you to better understand what they need and want for their comfort. However, there are some general tips that can help you be their favorite person.

First thing is that as children are more drawn to colors, you might want to talk to them and decide together with them the colors they want for their bedroom. Doing this will make them feel that they take control on what happen in their room and you will secure what they really want to have. If you think it’s not complementing, you can discuss the colors that goes.

Then, you might want to consider their height. It is important for them to feel responsible with their toys and collections and it will be better for them to have storage that they can reach. This way, they will be able to do it by themselves. This also goes the same with bookshelves. Although your children will grow taller, settling for not so tall shelves is actually more practical.

The next thing is making sure that you have an area where they can express themselves in art. It can be chalkboard to draw or pegboard to organize, unless you’re okay with them putting papers or drawing everywhere on the wall.  Besides putting their arts on the wall, you can also encourage them to decorate their wall or ceiling with glow in the dark stickers, or even some children mobile accessories with planets on them. Also, wall stickers or tattoo is easy to implement and will definitely make their room look more fun.

Another thing that as important as those is lighting. Children love lightings. You can have some different lights in the room from the ceiling lamp, table or reading lamp, to fairies lamp that look so beautiful. This will help them feel less suffocated sleeping in the dark and help them find a way to the bathroom. 

In decorating children’s room, it is best to try to always include them in deciding what goes on in the room so that it can feel so personal and they would feel more attached to it. It will help them to feel more comfortable at home and raise their responsibility to take care of their personal belongings. If you are trying to keep siblings in a room, make sure that you always have two things separately for each. This will keep them out from jealousy and steal each other’s belongings.

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